In the “Opportunity” clip, Foxanne imagines the call for help from a dying Martian rover


If NASA remains silent for a long time Opportunity rover could phone home one last time to sing a sweet and sentimental song to his earthly overlords from his dusty grave on the red planet, it might sound something like that.

In the music video for his new single “Opportunity”, singer-songwriter Foxanne pays tribute to the iconic Mars rover, who bites the dust last year after a record 15-year streak on the Red Planet. (Full disclosure: Foxanne, real name Chelsea Gohd, is also a writer at

NASA lost contact with Opportunity in June 2018 when a severe dust storm suffocated its solar panels, leaving them too dirty to absorb enough sunlight to charge its batteries. The agency officially declared Opportunity dead on February 13, 2019, after more than eight grueling months of waiting for the rover to show any sign of life.

Video: Foxanne – Opportunity (song Opportunity from NASA’s Mars rover)
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“This song is written from the perspective of NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover which, as you know, ended its extended mission to Mars after a devastating dust storm blanketed its solar panel. happened, it was surprisingly moving to think of this little rover, then millions of miles away, stopping alone on the red planet, ”Foxanne said. “Everyone seemed to have such a strong emotional response and I was like, dang, I should probably write a song about it.”

The lyrics of the song – “Oh, I’m tired / my battery is low / please say you’ll come find me / take me home” – paints a heartbreaking picture of a weak and lonely rover calling his parents (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s personal mission in Pasadena, California) to come and save him from a dusty death.

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Unfortunately for Opportunity, NASA has no plans to visit the stranded rover, and a mission to bring the rover back to Earth is even more unlikely. Even though NASA sent one of his other Martian rovers to visit Opportunity – a hike that could take years – they are not equipped to do any rover repair work. Maybe humans will one day be able to visit Opportunity on Mars, but the first crewed missions to the red planet are not expected to launch until the mid-2030s.

“Maybe we’ll have a Mark Watney situation like ‘The Martian,’ and there’ll be astronauts growing potatoes on Mars, and they’ll say, ‘Oh man, the opportunity is over here somewhere. , we have to go find him, “said Foxanne.

Foxanne’s single “Opportunity” was released on October 9, 2020. (Image credit: Diana Whitctoft / Calvin Gohd / NASA)

The single will appear on Foxanne’s debut studio album “It’s real (I know it)”, which will be released on December 4th. It’s currently available to stream and download from Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, and Pandora. You can even find Foxanne’s music on Tik Tok and make your own video with the song.

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