Weebly’s best SEO tips and tricks to boost rankings


After WordPress, Weebly is one of the most popular free website builders. Complete with a beautiful design and useful integrations for online stores, Weebly offers a lot for ecommerce sites and more.

We all know your site is as good as the traffic and engagement you get, so in this article, I’ve decided to give you an overview of the best Weebly SEO tips and tricks in the world. Weebly SEO service Benefits!

Let’s jump in!

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

With so many legitimate ways to optimize your site, it’s amazing that people still choose to do shady SEO practices also known as Black Hat SEO to get traffic. These are not about headgear, but rather about unethical SEO tactics like keyword stuffing, camouflage, and using private links.

Not only will these unethical practices cost you penalties from Google as well. Instead, let’s look at all the great SEO tactics from White Hat that will drive a load of search engine traffic to your Weebly site.

Integrated support

Weebly, like other platforms, has built in basic SEO assistance through an SEO settings section. You can find it in the Home section when you click on Pages. There are plenty of places to start, but I like to make sure my page titles, permalinks, meta tags, and descriptions are up to date. Optimizing each of these will help you with the most important clicks.

When you enter your business name into a SERP, you should notice the business name or title and description. Make sure yours stands out and is clear and eye-catching. Almost synonymous with SEO, always include your keywords.

Best Keyword Tools:

One tip is to research the most profitable keywords from your competition. This will give you a good basis for knowing what your customers are looking for when choosing your service or product. Remember to be careful with keyword stuffing or using keywords in a way that is unnatural or awkward. That brings us to the meat and potatoes of your site, the content.

On-page SEO

To optimize your content and source code, you’ll want to use on-page SEO tactics. I always recommend using a Weebly SEO service because professionals can create engaging content that drives traffic and drives high engagement.

This way your marketing team can focus on ads, social media presence, brand awareness, and anything that takes so long. A Weebly SEO service will know how to use H1 tags on your pages, how to add alt tags to your images, etc.

If you want to try, try this control List:

  1. Create long-lasting content
  2. Use 3-5 captions relevant to your product or service
  3. Target keywords should be used at the start of your content
  4. Don’t forget to add internal links

There are also some things that you will need to fix and keep an eye out for that can deter customers. Here is my list of choices for that:

  • Check your load time – over 3 seconds and say goodbye to your prospects
  • Fix errors like 404 and redirects
  • Make sure you don’t have duplicate content
  • Get good backlinks

If you are not sure how your site is performing, contact a Weebly SEO service who will provide you with a FREE SEO audit. This is a convenient service that will let you know how healthy your site is and what needs to be fixed.


If you have a Weebly site, make sure it’s properly optimized. Weebly is a very useful site and with the right SEO tips and tricks you can expect incredible growth and traffic!

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