Uswitch price comparison site takes ads telling people not to change


The energy price comparison service and the Uswitch website ran national ads telling people not to change.

The service typically tells people that they should constantly check their energy bills and see if they can find a cheaper supplier.

Normally, people can save hundreds of dollars by ditching their gas and power company and moving on to someone else – using a service like Uswitch.

But the energy crisis has seen bills skyrocket this week and small businesses have collapsed, leaving millions of customers forced to switch to another supplier.

Energy bills for 15million homes have risen by at least £ 139 to a record low below Ofgem’s latest price cap, as suppliers grapple with soaring wholesale prices.

The regulator ruled in August that energy customers on default tariffs paying by direct debit would see the biggest price increase since the cap was introduced in January 2019, bringing the average bill to £ 1,277.

Prepaid customers will see their costs increase by £ 153, from £ 1,156 to £ 1,309.

The increase is due to a more than 50% increase in energy costs over the past six months, with gas prices hitting record highs as inflation surged amid the easing of pandemic restrictions , Ofgem said.

However, the latest cap was determined ahead of further unprecedented increases in world prices, which have seen nine small UK suppliers collapse since early September.

The UK energy regulator has said it could start the process of revoking the licenses of five other small UK energy providers if they don’t pay £ 7million for its renewable energy program.

Ofgem announced Friday that it is consulting on final orders for Ampoweruk, Whoop Energy, Goto Energy, Home Energy Trading and Colorado Energy.

He said the five vendors all missed an original August 31 or September 1 deadline.

A final payment order could be sent by the end of the month, Ofgem said.

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“In any case, Ofgem will seek to achieve the best results for consumers and the energy market at large. “

Failure to pay revolving bonds is often seen as a sign of supplier financial distress and comes amid a wave of recent collapses in the industry as companies struggle to cope with soaring gas prices.

Igloo, Symbio and Enstroga became the last suppliers to go out of business, bringing the total number of failures to nine in September.

In their ad, Uswitch says, “For over 20 years we have been telling anyone who wants to listen to change their energy. We even called ourselves Uswitch.

“But as you may have heard, there is an energy crisis going on. What no one needs right now, especially with winter approaching.

“From today, the energy bills of many UK households are increasing.

“So you’re probably wondering what to do.

“For most people, energy providers can’t offer much in terms of cheaper deals at the moment.

“So today we advise you to do something that we have never said before… stay put. “

The advice echoes information given by other experts, including Martin Lewis.

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