There are now 2.29 million job openings in the UK


The growth in job vacancies has continued and there are now 2.29 million job vacancies, according to a new study.

The Confederation of Recruitment and Employment said the number of job vacancies increased by more than 600,000 since the last week of August, including 235,000 new online ads last week.

The growth has spread across the country, making competition for staff even fiercer, according to the report.

REC CEO Neil Carberry said: “The past month has seen a remarkable increase in job postings.

“Companies in almost every industry and region are hiring right now, and with so much competition for people, many companies need to offer increased wages and benefits to attract the people they need.

“It’s a good time to look for work right now, but this rebound phase will pass.

“To really take it to the next level, it’s time for the government to work with businesses on skills, including lower skill levels, capital investments and workforce planning to ensure that we have a soft landing after this boom. “

Wales saw the biggest increase in job vacancies last week, notably in Swansea, the Gwent Valleys, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and Powys, according to the report.

Some of the biggest increases in listings were for sports and recreation assistants, cleaning and housekeeping directors and supervisors, and library clerks and assistants, REC said.

There was also a noticeable increase in listings for sellers and sellers ahead of the busy Christmas season.

Employment Minister Mims Davies said: “The range of opportunities offered across the country is great news for job seekers.

“Through our Jobs Plan, we help employers recruit and support people, of all ages and at all stages of their careers, to develop the skills they need to seize this next opportunity and advance in their career. job.

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