The success story of the man of action Gautam Sharma

With the growing aspect of the SEO industry, more and more people are introducing their names in this field. However, for the real deal, Gautam Sharma is to the rescue. One of the youngest and brightest minds in the SEO industry in India, Sharma has proven her worth more than once. His brand GautamSEO, is changing the aspect of SEO towards improvement for sure. He is an entrepreneur based in Udaipur who has completely changed the face of SEO.

Born in 1990, Gautam Sharma always showed signs of intelligence from an early age. He graduated from CTAE in 2012 in CSE. Right after his debut, he started his journey as a freelance SEO writer in 2012. Later, in 2015, his GautamSEO brand became the star. At present, he is one of the leading SEO experts in India and covers over 1800 domestic and international clients.

Currently every vocation needs a web presence and every website needs to be ranked for sales growth and conversions. Gautam Sharma is the one who helps businesses gain 20 times more traffic, along with sales. With the help of the best personalized SEO strategies, businesses don’t need to spend a single penny more on social media strategies or paid advertising.

Gautam Sharma, with its top notch SEO services, provides a golden opportunity for businesses to trust and work with specialist SEO specialists and be successful with increased ROI. Some of the best USPs for Gautam Sharma are

• With GautamSEO, businesses have the ability to keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates.

• Get the golden chance to lead SERPs with creative and personalized SEO strategies.

• He is a Google Certified SEO Expert and works on transparent SEO strategies with all stakeholders.

• The team always follows the guidelines of the Google webmaster, which helps control Google penalties.

• Sharma makes a point of following only White Hat SEO techniques for best results.

At a recent press conference, Mr. Sharma was heard about his work. He clearly stated: “For us not all projects are the same, but we certainly know how to give the best of ourselves in each one. It doesn’t matter how confusing or easy the project is, but we make sure to give 100% so your merchandise can get the highest ranking it deserves! “

As a reliable freelance SEO expert, Gautam Sharma has over 9 years of experience in the SEO marketing niche. He is well versed in all SEO tactics. With his team, he follows the best link building strategies. He is one of the top SEO experts with a customer retention rate of over 98%.

This SEO specialist has its main base in India, Canada and the United States and relentlessly offers 24/7 services. He has a deep knowledge of technical SEO which makes him a promising point for rankings. The SEO consultant has a deep sense of Google’s algorithm and its updates. Gautam Sharma may not guarantee rankings, but analysis of the results shows that almost all of his projects currently have online web rankings below 10 with local Google search rankings below 3.

Gautam Sharma is currently among the top 10 SEO experts. It is known to serve several places including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Pune. Apart from this, the team triumphantly provides organic SEO services in other parts of the world, such as Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, London, Ontario, California, San Diego, and Brampton.

This company is known for offering the most affordable SEO packages, which surely fit within predefined budget plans. So anyone, even on a tight budget, can afford the services here. The team is ready to design the best personalized online SEO strategy that focuses on accessibility rate and delivers the best results. The team are pro and have in-depth knowledge of 200 Google ranking factors.

Another interesting facet of Gautam Sharma and his brand is that it is the only SEO service in India that refunds the full amount if it is not able to deliver what was promised. Recent statistics for all projects showed an average increase of 30.73% in the number of monthly visitors and an 87.07% decrease in the bounce rate. These calculations are enough to prove the importance of Gautam Sharma in case someone is looking for outstanding SEO services.

Gautam Sharma and his team are aces in Keyword Research, Critical Website Analytics, Competitor Analysis, Content Optimization Services, On-Page SEO Services, Services off page SEO and much more.

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About the company:

Gautam Sharma is the main idea of ​​ and it is an expert’s haunt. Mr. Sharma is now one of the most trusted SEO experts and consultants.

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