PayDay Loan 2.0 update decryption


For all the hustle and bustle that the the latest updates of the Google algorithm caused, there is some dearth of information about the most recent and, perhaps, the most abstract updates. The payday loan.

It’s payday!

This algorithm first arrived last June. At the time, this caused some murmurs and speculation among internet marketing strategists, but with only 0.2% of English sites affected, the dismay quickly faded, especially as more updates faded. (such as Penguin algorithm and updates to the Panda algorithm) have captured our attention.

Of course, we all knew that another payday loan update was coming. And now, a year later, he has happened to… do what, exactly?

In short, the PayDay Loan algorithm targets “spam requests”. This means that most of us who practice good content, link building that the Google Penguin algorithm loves, and generally “white hat” SEO will not be affected.

Unless of course your keywords are considered “spam” by Google’s update. In that case, you might have felt the repercussions of the payday loan no matter how “white” your SEO practices are.

But don’t worry, Google’s intention with this update is to eliminate low-quality websites, not websites that have good content, useful information, and lots of social interaction.

The impact of the update:

As the name suggests, payday loans are a niche industry that is impacted by this update, but there are others as well. The algorithm includes pornographic queries, financial queries, and even insurance-related queries.

This update is not specific to the United States. This is a global update and therefore includes all international queries. The update impacted around 0.3% of US queries (although it seems small, the effect is still large enough to be felt on English speaking websites), but other countries, such as the Turkish requests, reached 4%.

Due to the global scale of the algorithm update, it affects an unknown percentage of users, although it undoubtedly affects international queries much more substantially than English queries. Apparently Google intends to crack down on international spam.

Of course, there is the difficulty of effectively analyzing who gets the smackdown. A safe bet are the industries of payday loans, financial plans, insurance (including filing claims) and various porn sites. Anyone who has researched these areas will almost certainly be familiar with the deluge of poor quality sites appearing for your query.

Keep in mind that Google’s intention is to prevent these types of sites from appearing.

payday loan google algorithm update

Is PayDay 2.0 not profitable for you?

If you are concerned that your site has been adversely affected by these latest updates (or any update from Google, for that matter), you can try using the Penguin Tool. This useful and free tool, developed by Barracuda-Digital, connects to your current Google Analytics account and is able to overlay all known Google updates. If your site is suffering from PayDay Loan 2.0 or Google Panda 4.0, this is a good way to find out for sure.

Now that you’ve investigated, let us know: have you been impacted by PayDay Loan 2.0? As always, there are those who feel the sting of an update and those who reap the rewards. What are you going through?

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