Overview of agencies: Stada Media; Aberfield Communications; 43 clicks north; and more


The continued demand for video production services led a Wakefield video production agency to appoint a new senior account manager.

Stada Media has seen video production work increase “exponentially” since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

Businesses in West Yorkshire and the UK have turned to video to reach their customers, now spending most of their time at home.

Today, the agency is continuing its recruitment campaign to not only cope with the increase in demand, but also to provide better service to clients.

Gemma Curry, who previously worked at Fishtank Agency in Mirfield and Fox Agency in Leeds, has joined the company and is the fifth new hire since August 2020.

It follows recent appointments from Josh Raikes (videographer), Olivia Wildblood (head of client operations), Dave Smith (head of marketing) and Ben Dews (director of business development).

Curry said, “It’s great to join a video agency at a time when video has never been more important to businesses who need to effectively reach their audiences.

“Stada Media has worked with some big names, but I see the potential to work with others.”

Danny Lacey, CEO and Founder of the Agency, added, “We have started working with many exciting new clients this year – but the more we grow and the more our clients grow, the more we need an experienced team who are willing to help. deliver even greater value for our customers.

“Gemma has tremendous agency experience and will help us be more efficient, while providing better support to our clients.

“With video marketing more important than ever, I can’t wait to see the difference Gemma will make on board.”


Leeds’ public relations agency Aberfield Communications has appointed Katie Evans as a public relations consultant, after continuing to grow her client base in 2021.

She joins the Jaywing team in Leeds, where she worked as a senior public relations executive carrying out digital PR campaigns across a wide range of industries including technology, e-commerce and travel.

Its digital PR portfolio includes securing over 200 cover items for a campaign for travel provider, Florida4Less, and securing a front page feature in The Sunday Times for Good Move.

She said: “It’s been a while since I wanted to move away from typical SEO PR campaigns and explore a more holistic approach to PR and marketing as the next step in my career, and Aberfield is one agency that has grown. really stood out to me as the perfect blend of digital and traditional PR.

“I’m excited to get stuck and start working with a wide variety of clients.”

Tim Downs, Aberfield Manager, said: “It’s great to have Katie on board with us. Thanks to a number of new clients won in 2021, we have been able to develop our team.

“Katie will really add some extra and valuable skills, especially with her digital PR background and we can’t wait to see how she grows with us.”

Evans will work with a variety of clients including Eight Fifty Food Group, York Biotech Campus and first direct.


Mike Ellis

An office development in the heart of old Hull will provide a new home for digital marketer 43 Clicks North.

Mike Ellis, the agency’s chief executive, trusted developers Jenneson-Thompson who responded by combining two buildings at Bishop Lane to provide character and connectivity.

Alex Jenneson, partner at Jenneson-Thompson and Managing Director of RFD Interior Architecture, continued to purchase the site during the first foreclosure, finding innovative solutions to the challenges of integrating two buildings with an age difference of approximately 100 years.

After renovating the historic Salters House to accommodate RFD, he set his sights on the property across the courtyard which faces the narrow lane leading to the High Street, the Museum Quarter and the River Hull.

He said: “One of the buildings was built between 1870 and 1900 and the other was built in the 1980s on the site of one that was badly damaged during WWII.

“We managed to connect them architecturally so that they speak as one building.

“We knew Covid would bring challenges, but we also knew people would go back to work.

“I talk to a lot of business owners and the feeling I get is that people want to be back in the office, but a safe distance away, with the ability to work from home as well.

“This approach is being taken by small businesses like 43 Clicks North and by some of the large employers we work with.”

Ellis, who founded 43 Clicks North at the Deep Business Center in 2019, said his need was for an office that will provide a platform to double the size of its workforce of 17 and to support the relaunch of the DigiHull partnership. in place with other agencies. in the city.

He said: “Most businesses these days go for an open plan, but we wanted to create a home away from home. Each room in the building has its own unique personality – different colors and decors, tub seats and neon logos.

“We don’t want people to feel at home because they’ve been doing it for a year. We have created a space where people feel like they belong.

“The way we operate with flexible labor policies allowed us an easy transition to the new building.

“The main thing we have learned over the past year is the importance of having an office where people can come in and exchange ideas, but the main purpose of being here is that people don’t have to. to choose between a career or a lifestyle. We want them to have both. “

Hull City Council supported the project and Jenneson-Thompson partners Alex and Chris Thomson are now exploring other possibilities.

Ellis added, “There are five or six pubs a stone’s throw away, local independent boutiques and retailers, the kinds of things that help us attract talent and keep it there.

“There are also five or six digital agencies in the immediate vicinity and many more in the city, which is great as we will be restarting the events of the DigiHull partnership.”


Creative communications agency Pace Communications celebrates several new accounts and the expansion of its team.

Anita Pace, Managing Director of the Hull-based agency, said: “We ended last year with new key clients and that momentum continued through 2021. In addition to new clients, we also have recently welcomed a number of new members. to the Pace team.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that engaging and authentic storytelling, along with marketing and design stands out, is more important than ever.

“To stay relevant, brands have had to quickly identify changes in consumers and rethink their business overnight.

“The need for effective marketing at this time has increased and we are extremely proud to have been able to continue to support our customers during such a turbulent time.

“We even recently took our services to the United States, launching one of our long-time clients in the United States, which is a pivotal and exciting time for all of us.

“I am well aware that our continued success depends on the quality of the people we employ.

“Among our new hires, there is extensive experience in a myriad of industries including food and beverage, arts, sports, real estate and law.

“It’s great to welcome them to the team and recruiting continues as we are currently in the process of expanding the team even further.”

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