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The Zimbabwe Association of Licensed Advertising Practitioners (ZAAPA) has advised Harare fast-food restaurant Mambo’s Chicken against using obscene innuendos in marketing its products.

In a letter to Mambo’s Chicken dated October 4, 2021, ZAAPA said it noted with concern that the company was using sexualized content to promote its products.

“Your last job was the most concerning, as it not only focuses on your chosen sexual orientation, but further insinuates the violation of women, using your chicken.

“The interference is around your suggestion as a brand that when buying Mambo chicken for a woman, sex must be the immediate reward,” the statement read.

She also notes that in a society that has implemented its policy to promote, uplift and empower girls and women, lewd ads are not only contrary to government policy, but go against femininity.

“We now implore you, your marketing team and those who manage your brand, from a creative standpoint, to assess whether your desire is to promote great tasting chicken or to tear apart the moral fabric of the nation by through advertising work that borders on porn.

“As you know, the latter is illegal in this country and measures will be taken by this association, in collaboration with its supervisory ministry, to ensure that our cultural fabric is not further denigrated”, added the president of ZAAPA, Mr. Barry Manandi.

He also urged the company to end the practice, but instead use wit and satire to promote their brand.

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