Man Undergoes Reality Check For Posting Virgin Girlfriend


It is perhaps not surprising that women do not throw themselves at his feet.

An online dating ad by an Aussie who hasn’t yet lost his virginity – um, made his sexual debut – raised eyebrows after revealing that her ideal lover should also have zero sexual experience.

Daniel Piechnick, 41, first posted the soul mate search ads on various websites in 2016, but they are going viral now as the Adelaide resident has yet to make a splash, has reported

The unconventional ad, posted on his site, begins innocently enough, with the professional board game designer describing how he never found someone to punch his V-card.

“When I was younger I spent all my time working,” said Piechnick, who won the Australian Scrabble Championship in 2014 and was president of his regional Mensa. “I didn’t really have time for a partner, and I didn’t really look.”

Although he has met “nice young women”, he has yet to find “the right one”.

What would “the good” mean? The champion of Magic: The Gathering explains that he wants someone who also ran away for when “the time was right.”

However, Piechnick was shocked after discovering that her prospects as a “maid of honor” were apparently scarce.

“What I realized is that nobody really does that,” regretted the devastated brainiac. “It’s really hard to find someone who hasn’t had a partner or has never had a relationship before.”

The bewildered man added that he initially embarked on his digital lover’s pilgrimage because he wanted to locate “someone to do it all with, from the start, with.”

Unfortunately, he has learned that virgin lovers are apparently rare.

As well as being romantically chaste, Piechnick’s life partner should be someone “bright” who enjoys using their mind for “intellectual conversations,” he said. Age does not matter for the “Internet entrepreneur”, who describes himself as boasting of a youthful appearance despite “the experience and wisdom of an older person”.

Piechnick concluded the ad by imploring potential lovers to make contact.

“So if you think you would like to meet me, please contact me; I would love to hear from you, ”said Piechnick. Interested women can email the smart bachelor or message him through Skype or Telegram, according to her site.

Suffice it to say that the intellectual incel’s love hunt has garnered a lot of vitriol, with one detractor mocking his site’s comments: “So you’re basically looking for a virgin girl…. men nowadays smh.

Another wondered if the ad was in fact a ‘fake aff’. However, other commentators offered words of encouragement.

“You seem to be a very genuine person, I wish you good luck! Admired one new fan, while another wrote: “It is really hard to find a good, educated man like you these days. [sic], If you were younger I would have really gone for you since you are my ideal type. Good luck in your search. “Another supporter encouraged him, writing,” I wish you good luck! May your perfect smart queen of scrabble find you! ”

Perhaps Piechnick should consider reaching out to New Yorker Lianne Stokes, who waited until her 30s to take the plunge.

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