Macron says Morrison lied to him about AUKUS submarine deal

Macron and Morrison were in Rome for the G20 summit, the first time they have met since Australia canceled a multibillion-dollar undersea deal with France as part of a new security alliance with the United States and Great Britain announced in September.
The new security alliance, dubbed AUKUS and which could give Australia access to nuclear-powered submarines, caught Paris off guard and saw French ambassadors recalled from Washington and Canberra amid accusations of treason from France.

“I have a lot of respect for your country. I have a lot of respect and a lot of friendship for your people. I’m just saying that when we have respect you have to be real and you have to behave in a consistent and consistent manner. with that value, ”Macron told a group of Australian journalists who had traveled to cover the G20.

When asked if he thought Morrison lied to him, Macron replied “I don’t think so, I know”.

Morrison, speaking later at a press conference in Rome on Sunday, said he had not lied and had previously explained to Macron that conventional submarines would no longer meet the needs of the ‘Australia. He said the relationship mending process has started.

US President Joe Biden said on Friday he believed France had been informed of the contract cancellation before the AUKUS pact was announced, and said the handling of the new security deal had been clumsy.

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