Just In: Kim Jae Hyun of N.Flying and An Yu Jin Tested Positive for Covid 19


Heartbreaking news for K-pop fans! Kim Jae Hyun of N.Flying became the fourth group member to test positive for Covid 19. Not only that, a week after her label mate Jang Won Young was diagnosed with Covid 19, An Yu Jin was also tested positive for the virus. Their respective agencies have issued official statements.

On September 4, the day after N.Flying members Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo Dong Sung tested positive for Covid 19. FNC Entertainment announced that Kim Jae Hyun was also diagnosed with the virus. The agency also revealed that Cha Hun’s test results came back negative, making him the only member of the group not to test positive for Covid 19. FNC Entertainment also said Kim Jae Hyun joined Lee Seung Hyub. , Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo. Dong Sung, all tested positive yesterday, following instructions from health authorities in submitting to self-quarantine and taking all necessary measures. Cha Hun has also entered self-quarantine since yesterday.

On the other hand, last week, An Yu Jin and Jang Won Young were tested for Covid 19 after learning they came into contact with a staff member who later tested positive for the virus. While Jang Won Young’s test results came back positive, An Yu Jin tested negative at the time, however, she still self-quarantined as a precaution. But, on September 4, Starship Entertainment announced that in self-quarantine, An Yu Jin had tested positive for Covid 19 after developing a sore throat and fever.

Both agencies apologized for worrying fans and vowed to return fully recovered soon.

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