John Lewis’ Christmas ad pulls heart strings once again


UK department store John Lewis today unveiled its much-anticipated Christmas ad, marking the start of the holiday season for many in what has become an integral part of UK Christmas tradition.

Firmly anchored in modern culture, John Lewis didn’t start running Christmas commercials until 2007, and a year later began to develop a formula that often captivated the UK, when he used the Beatles. From me to you as a theme for its festive promotion.

But it was in 2011 – when he increased his ambitions and production values ​​- that he truly won the hearts of the public. The 2011 ad showed a young boy waiting for Christmas and looking forward to the endless days, only to find that instead of anticipating his presents, he was eager to give their presents to his parents.

It featured the Smiths track Please let me get what I want, covered by Slow Moving Millie, and was also the first year that John Lewis first launched his Christmas campaign online, reaching over a million visits on day one alone.

Thus was born a mix that typically features rising stars singing adapted versions of contemporary songs, with a mini-story designed to bring a tear even to those with hearts of stone.

Home has not been affected by the years and the stakes for 2021 increased when the retailer recently released a home insurance ad that seemed to go a little too hard and backfired somewhat. ‘business.

So it’s no surprise that John Lewis returned to a bittersweet, heartwarming tale for his Christmas production, reuniting unlikely friends, with an alien who has fallen to earth. Unexpected guest is set to the 1985 hit by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder Together in Electric Dreams, reinvented by 20-year-old singer Lola Young, whose career is also set to take off.

John Lewis’s Christmas ad was actually launched a week earlier than usual, due to an increase in online searches for Christmas products, no doubt fueled by fears that the holiday season might not be. be affected by the ongoing chaos affecting the global supply chain.

In anticipation, John Lewis launched a teaser campaign this week with facilities on London’s South Bank and Newcastle featuring a crashed spaceship and the message ‘Christmas is landing 04/11/21 #UnexpectedGuest’.

The two-minute ad was first unveiled in an email to loyalty cardholders at 6:30 a.m. this morning before being released on the department store’s website and social media at 8 a.m. national news. He received his first network broadcast on ITV during British pride awards.

John Lewis Christmas Announcement

Following last year’s disappointing montage of praising cuteness and giving to charity, rather than sharing giveaways, this year’s festive promotion is packed with product placements, all of which will be highlighted online and on social media. by John Lewis.

The TV spot features a sweet teenage romance as schoolboy Nathan discovers alien Skye, who crashed his star-shaped spaceship in the local woods around Christmas time. Almost all of the items featured will be for sale at John Lewis, with a 10% share of profits from sales of the featured Christmas sweater donated to FareShare and Home-Start UK

The campaign includes a Snapchat filter that creates selfies of space travelers, an online game, as well as store activations where customers can take photos alongside replicas of Skye’s spaceship. John Lewis is running his own campaign for 2021 after two years of working with sister brand, Waitrose Grocery.

After a moderate 2020, the annual big-budget Christmas advertising battle is expected to intensify today with retailers Marks & Spencer and Boots also launching their festive advertising and retailers and brands expected to spend nearly $ 1.36 billion more than last year.

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