Is the anime suitable for children?

Demon slayer, the fantasy drama based on the manga series by Koyoharu Gotouge, has been a popular anime on Netflix since debuting on the platform in January 2021.

The series, which began airing in 2019, tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a teenager who begins his journey as a demon slayer after his family is slaughtered. The only loved one he has left is his sister, Nezuko, who was not unscathed from the massacre. Due to her wounds coming in contact with demon blood, Nezuko herself became a demon.

The transformation of her body has given her abilities that she did not have before, such as superhealing, bodily transfiguration that allows her to change size at will, increased strength, and demonic arts involving her claws. She also has an almost uncontrollable thirst for blood and cannot go out in the sun for fear of being reduced to dust.

Get out of the plot of Demon slayer, it’s understandable that potential viewers are reluctant to dive into the anime. Here’s what to expect from the show in terms of content, if you’re wondering if the show would be something that would interest you or your kids.

Demon Slayer age class

Devil Killer is rated TV-MA. The central core of the anime is about Tanjiro’s training as a killer and his desire to heal his sister. The demons in the series are mostly murderous and ruthless creatures who devour their victims. The anime graphically portrays these attacks, blood and blood is a staple of the series.

Beheading is widespread because it is the way to kill demons. There are also intense combat sequences and heavy violence, as the overall goal of each killer is to kill any demons they encounter until they are erased from existence.

According to IMDb, blasphemy is present in Demon slayer, however, it is casual and sweet, the same can be said for drinking and smoking. There are no sex scenes or fanservice on the show yet.

Season 1 of Demon slayer is available to stream now on Netflix. Click on the next page for information on season 2 of the anime and when fans can expect it to land on the streamer.

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