Is Lee Jooyeon in a Relationship? Actress Once Rumored With G-Dragon Makes Fans Curious With Couple Photo


Is Lee Jooyeon in a Relationship? Popular K-Drama actress and former K-pop star recently updated a ‘couple photo’ on Instagram, leading fans to send congratulatory messages to the ex-Aftermember. School.

Lee Jooyeon, who will next be seen in the film ‘Oh! My Ghost ‘it was rumored constantly that he dated G-dragon in the past. The K-drama actress first sparked dating speculation with the “Big Bang” star in 2016, when the duo’s Instagram feed was a perfect match.

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Is Lee Jooyeon in a Relationship?

Lee Jooyeon fans have started speculating that the 34-year-old actress may be dating the Instagram post where two people are seen kissing.

Her Instagram followers were quite surprised by the photo as some wondered if it was indeed her in the photo. Others rushed to congratulate the ‘Response 1997‘star for what could be a new beginning for her.

Debating whether it’s her or not, an Instagram comment read, “I can’t tell if it’s her or just a random photo!” HAHA but if it’s her I’m happy for her! Another said: “I’m sure it’s a photo of a random couple!

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Rumors of the actress’ past dating with G-dragon

Lee Jooyeon and G-dragon have been embroiled in dating rumors several times in the past. Speculation strongly took shape when wild claims that the actress posted a selfie of the duo and deleted it shortly after surfaced online. Netizens have also found some eerie similarities between the duo’s Instagram feed in the past.

Officially, the agencies of the two stars have not accepted the dating allegations.

YG Entertainment said earlier, “This is her private life so we have no comment.” Lee Jooyeon’s agency, Better Entertainment, noted on the occasion, “Last month she said they were friends, but we’ll have to check back with her.”

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Lee Jooyeon will next be seen in the comedy horror film ‘Oh! My Ghost ‘, directed by Hong Tae-sun. The main cast includes Jeong Jinwoon, Ahn Seo-hyun, Lee Joo-yeon, and Jeon Soo-jin.

Scheduled for release this year, ‘Oh! My Ghost ‘depicts the curious story of Taemin,’ a ten-year-old intern who has the power to see ghosts. Taemin finds a job in a film studio where he encounters mysterious events every night.

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