Is Cube trying to erase Soojin from (G) I-DLE? Fans shocked singer’s posts not on UCube


K-pop idol Soojin may have left her band (G) I-DLE, but fans haven’t forgotten her. During the first half of 2021, several suspected trolls targeted K-pop idols for violence and bullying at school. While many have recovered by debunking the rumors, the way Soojin’s agency, Cube Entertainment has handled his case has angered fans. After the idol herself claimed the rumors were false and pointed out flaws in the charges, she was put on hiatus.

Neverlands fans of (G) I-DLE were hoping Cube would put her on hiatus so they could investigate and clear Soojin’s name so as not to face further backlash from the general public. In South Korea, harassment is extremely damaging and so locals turn their backs on anyone who is even accused of harassment, whether true or false. But instead of resolving Soojin’s situation, she was forced to quit her group which had fans on Twitter as they demanded an explanation.

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Cube erases Soojin from (G) I-DLE content

Some fans even claimed that Cube had no plans to look into the matter and was set to fire her in March 2021 even when Soojin took a hiatus. And now it looks like the agency is gradually erasing it from the content of (G) I-DLE. Shocked fans noticed her name was getting blurry from some vlogs and his posts have been removed from UCUBE, Cube’s platform where their artists can interact with fans.

Fans used several phrases such as “Soojin comeback home” and “# 6IDLEXPNATION” as they demanded an explanation from Cube. Due to rumors, true or false, many idols end up leaving their groups. But a majority of agencies do not erase their past content as the idol was part of the group’s history. It’s also worth noting that the idols themselves are allowed to explain why they are leaving or that the agency is making a reasonable statement to appease fans. But that was not the case in Soojin’s situation.

Neverlands has posted several hashtags on social media in hopes that Cube will notice them and give them an explanation. Some even hope that Soojin sees her fans fighting for her and doesn’t give up. One of the biggest examples can be seen with former Monsta X member Wonho who believes he could only return as a soloist thanks to the worldwide support he has garnered from fans who l ‘wore day and night for several months.

“They can never erase it”

Soojin fans then posted messages like, “Cube can erase all content related to soojin, but they will never be able to erase it completely because someone like soojin is nowhere to be found.” she will always be one of the 4th gen leaders “,” i hope someone keeps receipts for all those trendy nevie cz tags i have to show them to Soojin when she cbs. She needs to know that we have never stopped caring and never will. SOOJIN COMEBACK HOME “and” We won’t forget Soojin and we want justice for her, she deserves it because it was Cube’s job and they didn’t do a single thing that was to take care of the idols of the world. ‘business. ”Another fan pointed out,“ Can’t believe @cubeunited is going through all of this trouble to erase Soojin because of something that happened when she was 12-13 years old. Especially when most of the allegations have been debunked. “

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