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Bijendra Ahlawat

Tribune press service

Faridabad, May 10

A four-story building, constructed at a cost of Rs 1.25 crore in the village of Chandawali in the district and inaugurated four months ago, has remained unused despite authorities trying to muster all resources to improve facilities hospitalization and treatment. for Covid patients.

Jaswant Singh, a local

Could have been used for covid patients

The building was constructed with funds provided by the village panchayat, but the inability of the relevant authorities to use it to this day amounts to a waste of money and resources. The building could be used to treat patients when the Covid surge is at its peak.

“Although the officials concerned have offered to use it appropriately for the locals and residents of the area, the 32-room building is inactive,” said Jaswant Singh, a local.

“It was built with the funds provided by the village panchayat, but the fact that the concerned authorities have not used it till date amounts to a waste of money and resources,” Singh said, adding that the building could be used to treat patients, when the rise of Covid-19 had reached its peak.

Questioning the delay, Anju Yadav, a former village sarpanch, said the building, inaugurated by the local MP on January 17, was intended to replace the old dilapidated building to provide medical facilities as part of the expansion program of AIIMS hospital. She said it was astonishing that no one from AIIMS or the Department of Health approached to use it for healthcare facilities.

She claimed that the current scenario was the fallout from the merger of the village panchayat with the Municipal Corporation Faridabad (MCF) in January of this year, as any development work in the village would be carried out by the MCF, after the body was dissolved. from the village. .

Chandawali had been among the wealthiest village panchayat with funds to the tune of Rs 60 crore in his account at the time of its merger with the MCF, it was revealed.

Dr Harshal Salve, AIIMS extension, Ballabgarh, said that while the Chandawali sub-center was already functional, the proposal to hand over the new building had not yet been received.

Civil surgeon Dr Randeep Singh Poonia said the issue had no connection with the health department.

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