How to set custom wallpaper for different WhatsApp chats


(Pocket-lint) – Ever since WhatsApp has been around, there have been some people clamoring for the ability to go further when personalizing their experience. Although the messaging app has long allowed you to change the background that appears behind your messages, it has always been a unique wallpaper for all of your chats.

Now that has finally changed – WhatsApp is rolling out an update that lets you set a custom wallpaper for each of your chats, along with a whole bunch of other wallpapers to choose from, as well as your own. images.

If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app, you should soon be able to follow the steps below to give each of your cats a more distinctive flavor. We’ve also included details on how to set a different wallpaper when your phone is in dark mode.

How to set custom WhatsApp chat wallpapers

On Android:

  • At the top of the chosen chat, select the “…” menu
  • Select the wallpaper
  • Browse the stream and select your choice of wallpaper

On iOS:

  • At the top of a discussion, select the group name
  • From the Group Info (or Chat Info) menu, tap Wallpaper & Sound
  • Select your chosen wallpaper

How to change dark mode wallpaper on WhatsApp

On Android:

  • Activate dark mode from your device settings (if Android 10 or higher) or from WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Theme (if Android 9 or lower).
  • Then follow the steps above to change your wallpaper
  • Both choices must be saved for their respective modes

On iOS:

  • Activate dark mode from your device settings
  • Change your wallpaper by following the steps above
  • Again, your choices for light and dark mode should be saved.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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