How to increase YouTube views in 2021: a step-by-step guide


Talk about posting videos to social media platforms, YouTube is currently the number one preference. Many big brands, influencers and celebrities use the platform to connect with their target audience. YouTube is estimated to have over 1.9 billion monthly active users and watch one billion hours of video every day. To put that into perspective, that’s over 114,000 years of video consumed every day. YouTubers put a lot of effort into getting good views and engagement rates on the channel. Here are some effective ways to increase the number of YouTube views on your channel. Check out the ultimate step-by-step guide to increasing views in 2021.

Guide to getting more views on YouTube videos in 2021:

Keep your YouTube channel always up to date

If you have high expectations for your channel, be sure to update it quarterly or annually. Whenever new people visit your channel, they should know how active you are and what kind of content you are currently creating. Keeping the channel up to date is also crucial to get more ads. So, update the profile picture, channel banner, descriptions, page above, channel tags or change the titles of videos that you think are not working. An updated YouTube channel also improves your brand value on the platform.

Use quality keywords and tags

YouTube keywords, tags and descriptions work according to the platform’s algorithm. Keywords with good volume are more likely to bring more engagement to your channel. So be sure to optimize your channel using relevant keywords. Engage in the use of White Hat SEO, in which you use keywords and tags that go into search engine optimization tactics designed to increase a website’s position on a results page search engine (SERP). Avoid using words that don’t match the YouTube community guidelines. Using irrelevant keywords or spamming your video with unnecessary information / keywords will affect the performance of the video. Ultimately, this will result in no advertising being directed to your channel. Good SEO practice is always recommended.

Boost the quality of content

Content is king, they say. YouTube has become a global phenomenon as creators post engaging content and more and more people are logging in to watch videos for free. Essentially, you don’t have to start out with expensive equipment to make a career in video. But you have to put in a lot of effort to produce quality content. Now, are you wondering what good content means? This includes creating videos with good video and audio quality (because nobody will watch them if there is any disturbance), you need to create videos that are crisp and easy to watch. Include things that trigger the emotions of the audience. Keeping your audience engaged throughout the video is crucial in order to create content that the audience won’t skip. Improving the video quality means that the audience is watching your videos, thus boosting the number of views and the time spent watching the videos.

How to increase the number of YouTube views 2021, step by step guide, improve the quality of content

Use optimized thumbnails

Thumbnails play an important role when it comes to attracting audiences to watch your video. Many creators cleverly create thumbnails that entice audiences to watch your video. Include eye-catching colors, bold text, and eye-catching images in the thumbnail. The thumbnail image should be relevant to the topic of the video, as you want the audience to come back and watch the videos. If you use irrelevant thumbnail images on your videos, it will definitely hurt the brand value.

optimized thumbnails, How to increase YouTube views 2021, step by step guide

Getting on with viral trends

With the evolution of social media platforms, people can now see what’s trending and what isn’t. This has greatly benefited the content creator. One can easily take a ride on the viral trends to make the videos work and collect a large number of views, followers, comments and likes. Every day there are different trends on social media. You can use these viral trends as a video topic or use them smartly to grab viewers.

optimized thumbnails, How to increase YouTube views 2021, step by step guide, video trends

Collaborate with brands and designers

One of the most effective ways to increase YouTube video views is by collaborating with brands (big or small) or collaborating with other video creators. This lets other subscribers know that you are making certain types of videos. By collaborating with others, you can improve your networking on the platform. There is a good chance that you will gain views and more income.

Organized Reading List:

The convenience keeps audiences coming back to your channel and watching your videos over and over again. Once your channel has garnered a number of subscribers or a drop-down engagement rate, be sure to create a playlist for them. It will help the audience to browse all your videos based on the playlist. By organizing these playlists, you can help visitors to watch the videos that you want them to watch as a priority. It also gives your channel a neat and professional look.

How to Increase YouTube Views 2021, Step by Step Guide, Playlist

Channel / video promotions on social media platforms

Nothing is more effective than using your social circles to get more and more views on YouTube videos. Social media platforms are always known to offer a good engagement rate when promoting videos. Make sure you treat your social media followers with good content, which can come in handy later when promoting YouTube videos. You can post the URL of a YouTube video to social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, make announcements on video posts, cross-post, or post inserts from the video to entice audiences to visit your channel.

Get professional help to increase views

There are many paid services that guide you to increase your YouTube metric. There are also paid services that offer real video views for YouTube channels, such as Viewsfly. You may want to consider subscribing to these paid services to quickly increase views on your channel. Some paid services even help you with the YouTube subscriber bot. How are paid views useful? Well, they can make you monetize your channel fast and can improve your brand value on the platform as well. An increased number of views means there is a good chance that your videos will rank on the platform. However, you need to know how to spend for the paid programs.

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