How to fight black hat SEO


Even novice website owners have probably heard of the term “black hat SEO” and know how to steer clear of it. However, they may not know how to combat these tactics and avoid using them accidentally. Here are some tips to help you tackle black hat techniques for your website.

Know what the black hat is

You can’t fight something if you don’t understand what it is and what it looks like. It is important that you know not only that black hat SEO are methods that Google and other search engines do not approve of because they are unethical, but what techniques make up that term.

Black hat SEO breaks the rules, presents content unethically, and causes a bad experience for users. Some of the methods used include:

  • Keyword filling
  • Invisible text
  • Door Pages

The problem with black hat methods is that they focus on getting a high ranking in research and using unethical techniques to make it happen quickly to the detriment of the user. .

Using Black Hat SEO Like a White Hat

Not all of the black hat techniques started off badly. It was the way they were used that allowed them to get the label. For example, there is nothing wrong with using keywords in an article. This is how search engines know what your topic is about and when to include the page in search results. Unfortunately, many website owners have taken this to the extreme and focused on adding keywords at the expense of quality information.

There is a method to use these techniques appropriately and approved by search engines. For example, buying old domains is not a bad thing if they are relevant to your industry. They become black hat techniques when buyers pick random domains unrelated to the new site.

Another example is to leave comments. Spammers often send mass comments to multiple sites with links back to their site. Instead of picking random places to leave comments, you can make it a white hat method by selecting forums or blog posts that complement your site and leaving thoughtful comments.

Focus on quality

Instead of devoting all your time to SEO and search ranking, spend your time focusing on creating quality content that will benefit users. By doing this, you will reap positive results with Google because quality content is what the search engine is looking for. While you should focus on SEO and Google Approved Methods, you can’t forget your audience. After all, they are the reason you have a website in the first place.

Stay up to date

Make sure understand what google expects by staying informed of changes to the search algorithm. Know what other reputable SEO experts are saying and implement these strategies with your website. You can stand out from websites that use black hat SEO and outdo them with diligent effort. After all, White Hat SEO wins in the end.

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