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Cheadle, Greater Manchester, September 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Having a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is now just as important as having a website. Digitally savvy businesses have been investing and optimizing their websites to perform well in search engines for decades, putting their brand, services, and products at the forefront of potential customers, inquiries, and investors.

However, SEO is both simple and incredibly complex. Many businesses do not have the time, resources, or technical knowledge to ensure that their search marketing is performing to the best of their ability and as such rely on the services of a freelance writer or agency. SEO.

The decision can be difficult, however, it is a decision that must be made. If you fail to continuously implement and optimize your website for search engines, you are most likely losing rank and business to competitors everywhere.

Below, we outline 3 reasons why successful businesses work with SEO expert freelancers rather than SEO agencies:

  1. By choosing an expert SEO consultant, you ensure a level of expertise

One of the main reasons companies choose to work with an SEO consultant over an SEO agency is a guaranteed level of expertise. Expert SEO consultants with the technical knowledge and skills to grow your online business will usually work for themselves, this is their value in the industry. Some work in agencies, but they often hold managerial positions and are unlikely to be the ones delivering your search marketing week by week.

By choosing an expert freelancer, the person with the highest quality of ability is the one providing your search marketing, and you ensure that no one with inferior knowledge or talent is working on your project, as can often be the case in the agencies.

2) Lower overhead of consultants compared to agencies can mean higher ROI on your SEO

If you’ve ever compared the price of an SEO consultant to that of an SEO agency, you’ll know there can be a significant difference. Agencies have much higher overheads and business expenses to charge against each project and as such must charge more for their work. The more you spend, in this case, doesn’t always mean better quality of service.

By working with someone like Graeme Winchester SEO, you not only receive a quality of service and knowledge that exceeds industry expectations, but because Graeme has much lower overhead costs than agencies, he is able to ” offer cutting edge SEO solutions at much lower costs. This provides clients with a higher ROI on their SEO and PPC spending.

  1. SEO Consultants can afford to build a close and valuable relationship with you – you won’t be another client competing for space within an agency.

Some companies have a very critical understanding of search engine marketing and want a consultant with that same understanding to push and challenge them. Others have no understanding but want the opportunity to learn and contribute to the project by sharing knowledge and improving skills.

SEO consultants are a fantastic answer to both scenarios, as their hands-on approach means that you are not just another client of an agency assigned to an account manager. Instead, you have direct contact with the person responsible for the job. This translates into better communication, accountability, an ongoing path to setting goals based on results, and a much closer working relationship.

Thinking of hiring an expert freelance SEO consultant?

Graeme Winchester is a forward-thinking freelance and SEO consultant who works with clients around the world. From small, local businesses that want more visits to their website to grow their business, to national e-commerce brands that compete in the toughest markets, his technical knowledge and passion for the industry rivals any offerings you have. find, agency or other.

With a vast history in SEO and the digital marketing arena, Graeme has been a thought leader in the industry since 2012, delivering exceptional search marketing to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Learn more about Graeme and his freelance SEO expert consultant services through his website.

More information:

I’m Graeme Winchester, a freelance SEO consultant in Manchester with years of experience helping businesses across the country to rank their websites, whether through organic search engine optimization or through advertisements. pay per click (PPC). Every business is different, and that’s why I work on an advisory basis with individual clients and businesses, improving rankings through white SEO and content strategies. Find out more via the site:

Graeme Winchester SEO Freelancer: 3 Reasons Why Successful Companies Work with Expert SEO Freelancers Rather Than SEO Agencies


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