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Faster, data-rich, designed for SEO agencies

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Apr 13, 2021

This article was sponsored by SEOmonitor. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the sponsor.

A reliable basic rank tracker is crucial for the growth of your agency’s SEO business.

Many factors define this reliability, including:

  • Accurate and comprehensive data sets.
  • Data update frequencies.
  • Accessibility, personalization and collaboration features.
  • User experience.
  • Customer service.

In addition, it is important to take into account the way in which the tool and the internal processes of your company are articulated.

That’s why, after going through all of the basic agency needs that our SEO tool can solve and talking to our users, we’ve got down to the basics.

“We think if you can’t see it and understand it, you shouldn’t trust it. This is why we have doubled the transparency of our data and our metrics. So users can see what’s under the hood and decide for themselves, ”says Cosmin Negrescu, founder and CEO of SEOmonitor.

But with this complete overhaul, we wanted to create the best customer experience our rank tracker could offer: make it much faster, more intuitive, and easier to use with a new, streamlined interface.

On top of that, we’ve released some long-awaited features that our users have requested over time. We’ve also improved every aspect that our customers loved about our Rank Tracker:

  • Rich in data and error-free,
  • Daily granularity on both devices as standard, now with better SLA,
  • Proactive in responding to an agency’s ranking monitoring needs.

Let’s dive right into the main optimized features and see how they solve particular agency tasks and goals.

Fresh and fast data when you need it

You can analyze, strategize, and understand the competitive landscape from different perspectives.

Each navigation mode allows you to focus on relevant data while leaving out redundant information.

For example, in the Strategy view, you only focus on the keywords and groups in your SEO campaigns with all of their attributes and visibility performance.

In the Analytics view, on the other hand, keywords and groups are enriched with organic traffic data, so you can check and report your performance.

Our rankings are updated daily, both for mobile and desktop – so you can trust the data and the timing.

Know what has changed in your keyword groups

You can define keyword groups and focus on the important details with search data, SERP data, and ranking data. You’ll connect all the necessary points: monthly searches, SERP features, and ranking performance.

Additionally, this is our solution to the (flawed) trend of pixel-based rank tracking – we are now calculating% clicks on organic results from total search volume, influenced by the mix of features. SERP on both devices.

Consider the following extreme example: you search for “weather” or “currency converter” and Google responds immediately with its designated SERP function. It would be absurd to think of optimizing for such a query.

Now think about all the keywords with high search volume and lots of SERP features associated with it. What is the real clicks potential for this?

With our average CTR value for finding the top 10 positions and the recalculation mentioned above, you get to know the answer:

SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies

Our tool further helps you analyze the quantity and quality of your keywords while having performance data right next to them – so you have the ranking changes and specific warnings on the associated landing pages that you probably need to correct.

  • Is your desired landing page associated with this keyword?
  • Are there cannibalization issues?

Choose the next good opportunity

It is difficult to analyze all the attributes of a keyword when trying to determine which ones could generate the most impact in an SEO strategy.

This usually involves a lot of manual work in spreadsheets or scripts or simplifying the decision down to an attribute, like search volume. But we all know that is far from enough.

So we’ve improved our opportunity metric and help you make decisions faster and more efficiently. You get a score of 0-10 which includes search, SERP, and ranking data, as well as the difficulty the tracked website has in ranking on those keywords.

You can spot the fruits at hand and the next steps in your campaign. The opportunity metric is dynamic and allows you to quickly identify the best keyword to optimize at any given time, for example by sorting all the “10” keywords that mean the opportunity is up for grabs:

SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies

You can always use it to add more relevant keywords to your campaign.

Knowing how to explain all changes in visibility

Ranking changes are easy to understand and trust. Group-level metrics are not.

Our visibility metric solves this problem by the way it is calculated: a share of impressions in organic results that takes into account the rankings and monthly search volumes for each keyword on your list.

So if you have a keyword rank of position 1 with a monthly search volume of 22,000 and another keyword rank of 24 with a monthly search volume of 4,400, we will estimate the number of impressions to be 22,000 (100%) and 0 (0%), so your visibility would be 83.3%.

Having concrete value helps you understand how a group of keywords are performing, how your customer is performing against their competition, and what needs to be done about it.

But another problem arises: how do you know what happened in a group that has lost 5% of visibility?

To make it quick and easy, we’ve added a full explainer to go along with your performance analysis. You can see which keyword level changes caused the group level impact. So you can answer this question with just a few clicks.

You also get a breakdown of trends and changes in visibility, both on desktop and mobile.

SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies

Don’t be distracted by misleading keywords

With our smart group feature, you can organize everything to make sense of your campaign and we’ll sort it for you by rank data, keyword attributes, auto tags, traffic data, and more.

Basically you filter the group and we save and update it dynamically. Over 20 options are available here.

SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies

In our optimized rank tracker, you also get filters inside these smart groups, if you need to look at the data on a more granular level.

Pro tip: We have introduced Edit Mode for advanced users. This is a simplified method for quick and easy operations on keywords and groups: add them, archive them, organize them. You will manage 10 times more lists without additional lag.

The Rank Tracking Core is the foundation of our solutions that help agencies acquire, manage and retain more clients.

To learn more, join our agency community, or find out how SEOmonitor can help your team, click here.

SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies

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SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies

SEOmonitor's New Rank Tracker: Faster, Data-Rich, Designed for SEO Agencies