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Many brands use SEO black hat tactics to get ahead of the marketing game, but that’s not the way to go if you want people to find and stay on your web page. Black hat SEO is (basically) like cheating. By using these techniques, you are essentially trying to scam Google’s ranking system.

It is because black hat SEO consists of many incriminating techniques that Google is do not a fan of, such as:

  • Keyword filling
  • spammy backlinks, and
  • Broken links.

The list is really long! So if you really want your website to be optimized for Google then you have to incorporate white hat SEO tactical.

However, until 2020 this form of SEO evolved but the consensus remained the same: As long as you drive web views ethically, you are in the right books from Google.

Set SEO white hat and black hat

If you’re not very familiar with these terms, here’s a quick recap:

White SEO it is when you use various techniques to get your website on the first page of search engines in a very ethics way. You have no ulterior motives and don’t try to trick the system into finding the “fastest” way to get your site to the first page.

However, if you steal other people’s articles and pay for links to manipulate Google, then you are in black referencing territory – and it is do not Where you want to be. According to WordStream, “These practices are contrary to the conditions of use of the search engine. and may result in banning of the search engine site and affiliate sites.

You get the point.

Black hat = bad
White hat = good

How to Use White Hat SEO in Your Marketing

Then how do are you using white hat SEO tactics? Well, since this type of SEO is based on long term strategies, you need to make sure that you come up with a step by step plan that will guide readers to your webpage. Slow and steady wins the race, in this case.

White hat SEO is all about the consumer, with search engines coming in second. So, for example, instead of placing keywords that you think search engine are more likely to understand, you would use keywords that your public would be more likely to click on it.

There are many ways to use white SEO tactics. Some of them include:

1. Using the skyscraper technique: This technique involves finding good content (with good keywords), writing a better article based on the topic that that content is focused on, and then contacting high-quality websites and then asking them to link to your new one, and I hope for better, article.
2. Produce high quality content: This means using the right keywords (the ones that people in fact research), looking at your analytics to see what type of content performs best and uses a great content strategy.
3. Focus on user intent: Putting scope on users means making sure your webpage is user-friendly, that the page loads fast enough (less than five seconds, squawk), and you have a progressive web app in place for all your mobile audiences.

If you want to learn more about the best ways to optimize your webpage for SEO, check out these Seven Steps To An SEO Optimized Website, Infographic Style!

How white SEO will help your brand

While there are no laws prohibiting the use of black hat SEO, Google’s guidelines do get more perspectives and engagement with more tact, and these techniques stem from white hat SEO methods.

So how is this type of SEO going to help your brand? For starters, your brand will be able to maintain its good reputation with consumers and Google. Without having to resort to “spam” links to drive traffic to your page, people will be able to find genuinely relevant and ingenious information, which is very good for your reputation.

You will also be able to get a good, measurable return on investment. This is because more consumers will be ready to come back to a page with great content, fast page load times, and a well-designed user interface. A good page equals a great brand, and if your page is user-friendly, then more people will be willing to buy or use your products or services.

Do you think black hat practices should be made illegal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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