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Press release discussing Traffic Gen Solution’s implant housing generation system they are offering to dental implant specialists in Pearland, TX. The system includes their brand Tooth Implant Pros.

Dental implant specialists across the country are having trouble maintaining a steady flow of implant cases. While some of the profession is well versed in marketing, the majority reluctantly engage in it. Many hire an agency to manage their social media, reputation management, and / or website. There are even fewer who hire an agency to produce results that improve profitability. Agencies that do SEO, Google ads, and paid social ads work with a fraction of the dental industry.

Traffic Gen Solutions understood this, and that’s why they decided to offer customers a different service. They can keep all of their current marketing strategies in place, and instead, they would be configured with a number of digital properties, all strategically connected, that drive traffic for a specific outcome. The industry we’re working on is dental implants, and that’s why the Tooth Implant Pros brand was created.

Traffic that goes to web properties, under the “Tooth Implant Pros” banner, is redirected to a dental practice that has decided to outsource the lead generation component of its marketing to Traffic Gen Solutions. What is remarkable are the synergistic results that occur through this pairing. Remember, this is all based on local and hyper-local marketing. This means that potential patients in the area will begin to hear from the dental implant pros because of the excellent service provided by practicing implant specialists. Specialists are seeing more money drop in their bottom line, while the Tooth Implant Pros brand is gaining more and more attention in the space.

The cynic will take a look at this scenario and point out how the brand gets more value than the dentist working behind the brand, and that makes sense from a basic point of view. However, the reality is that dental offices working with Traffic Gen Solutions ultimately earn much more in value than they end up paying for the services.

For example, when people contact an implant specialist through the Tooth Implant Pros network, nine out of ten times they use the dentist’s contact details to keep track of the appointments they have made. In other words, the Tooth Implant Pros brings people into the orbit of a dental implant specialist, and at this point the dentist now has the option of continuing to market to that person on a regular basis. . Without the marketing of the Pros, it is highly likely that these new connections would never be made.

There are hundreds of practices trying to perform paid advertising for SEO, pay per click, and social media; and there are even more homeowners who view these practices with horror. They see all the work they have to do to figure out how to be effective in their space. They see how much information is constantly becoming obsolete, making it necessary to keep abreast of all the latest changes in the digital space. This is one of the main reasons many firms choose not to actively market their practice and services to their local community. They don’t want to make the commitment necessary to be effective.

It’s that “corner of the market,” Marketing Director Marcus Roman likes to point out when he explains how Traffic Gen Solutions is different from other marketing agencies in the space. He claims that Traffic Gen Solutions is a web traffic service provider, not a marketing agency. Agencies like to focus on the marketing services they know their clients need, but are difficult to follow in terms of the revenue they generate in practice. Traffic Gen Solutions focuses on web traffic related services that deliver direct result to their customers.

Traffic Gen Solutions believes that a tooth replacement is one of the greatest gifts that a person can give to a person. The ability to smile, without shame, is of major importance to much of the people of Pearland. The practices that Traffic Gen Solutions tend to associate with seem to all focus on making their implants very affordable for their patients.

It looks like potential Pearland patients and an implant specialist will learn a lot more about the dental implant pros in the near future.

Contact information:
Name: Susan Blangton
Email: send an email
Organization: Pearland Dental Implant Pros
Address: 11200 Broadway St Suite 2745, Pearland, TX 77584, USA
Phone: + 1-832-895-7765

Version number: 89047345

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