Cuba thanks the solidarity of the American agencies to fight against the Covid-19

Havana, Sept. 30 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez thanked travel agencies and charter companies in the United States for their solidarity in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, reported on Wednesday a diplomatic source.

On Twitter, Ernesto Soberón, Director General of Consular Affairs and Attention to Cuban Residents Abroad, reported on an interview between Bruno Rodríguez and US officials.

During the meeting, Soberón pointed out, the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed his gratitude for the support of American companies for vaccination campaigns in Cuba, noting the highest percentage of the population (80.9) who received at least one dose of any Covid-19 vaccine.

On Twitter, Soberón recalled that “Cuban families have the right to receive remittances without politicization or manipulation in this regard, and even more so in the current pandemic conditions”, a material used by Washington in its hostility against Cuba.

In addition, Soberón pointed out that the obstacles Cubans currently face in reaching or immigrating to the United States violate their rights and also undermine their intentions for reunification.

Bruno Rodríguez recently met young activists from the Popular Forum, whom he thanked for their solidarity with Cuba and for opposing the US blockade imposed for more than six decades.

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