Construction boom takes place in downtown Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS – One of the newest small businesses in downtown Colorado Springs is important to all of the changes that have taken place with significant development in recent years. It’s very different over the past five or ten years, said G 44 Gallery, owner Gundega Stevens. Stevens grew up in Colorado Springs. She has always been drawn to the city center.

A sign of all growth hovers above the downtown skyline. “Cranes are an indicator of investment in downtown redevelopment,” said Ryan Tefertiller, city planning director for the city of Colorado Springs. In years past you may have spotted a single crane above the city, currently you see half a dozen.

There are six large buildings under construction and six more are expected to start by the end of the year. There are developers in the early stages of many other projects. “I would say that over the next five years we will have dozens of significant new properties in downtown Colorado Springs,” Tefertiller said.

Many of the structures are large apartment buildings on several levels. “By the end of this year, we could have almost 2,000 units under construction, but we expect over the next few years, probably two or three, maybe five years, at least double, if not triple.” , Tefertiller said. Condos, office buildings and retail spaces are also underway. In just under ten years, investment in downtown Colorado Springs development is approaching $ 2 billion.

Large builds inspire small business owners like Stevens to be part of the evolving downtown cityscape. “It’s just nice to have a business downtown and be a part of the change and the excitement and dynamism that is happening,”

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