Biosensor + SLC clothing fabric for braking smoking vehicles


Happy Wednesday, Salt Lake City! Let’s start this day. Here is what is happening in the city today.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Cloudy and sunny weather. High: 50 Low: 39.

Here are the best stories in Salt Lake City today:

  1. University of Utah assistant professor in chemical engineering Huanan Zhang has developed a process that transforms the fabric of clothing into biosensors that measure the electrical activity of a muscle when it is worn. Zhang and his team developed a method to take a cotton / polyester blend and transform the fabric into sensors that measure the electrical impulses generated by muscle movement. This tissue could then measure muscle activity in rehabilitation patients instead of biosensors attached to the skin, which are often uncomfortable, effective and expensive. (
  2. Salt Lake County wants to reduce smoking, but its target are smoke-emitting vehicles which contribute to air pollution in the region. Smoking vehicles are cars and trucks whose pollution control devices have been either damaged or intentionally deactivated and are spewing smoke from their tailpipes. Law enforcement agencies will target the worst offenders, such as modified diesel pickup trucks that spew clouds of black smoke known as “coal haul”. (
  3. Woman arrested for allegedly setting fire to old Sears build in Salt lake city. Officer says he’s 43 Marie lacey, described as transient, sat on the cement next to the doors, watching the fire. When asked if she had started the fire, Laced reportedly said yes and described the use of a lighter. When asked why she did it, police said the woman answered “chemical warfare”. (ABC 4)
  4. Salt lake city police call the death of a 43-year-old man “suspicious”. The officers were originally called to assist paramedics “on a medical call” where the man was reported dead at the scene. (
  5. that of Utah Hogle Zoo will organize a pediatric vaccination event on November 12 and 13 with the Centers for disease prevention, Utah Department of Health, and Nomi Health. (ABC 4)

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