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Semrush, one of the leading SaaS online visibility management platforms, today announced the release of Keyword Wizard – a new tool from the Sellzone Toolkit (ex. Sellerly) – a comprehensive toolkit for Amazon sellers. Sellzone’s Keyword Wizard is an easy-to-use solution to improve SEO for Amazon sellers by finding relevant search terms and their search volumes. It provides the search volume of any keyword for the Amazon search engine along with the associated keywords. The Keyword Wizard tool’s current database size is over 200 million keywords to help sellers identify keywords that can make their ads more profitable.

Alexander Attsik, Director of Sellzone, said: “Our team is delighted to introduce the Keyword Assistant Tool for Amazon Sellers. Semrush has long been known as a trusted data provider with one of the largest and most accurate keyword databases on the market. Since the start of the development of Sellzone (ex. Sellerly), our goal was to design the same solution as the Keyword Magic Tool for Google, but for Amazon: with a large database of keywords, precise estimates of search volume and a simple and intuitive UX design. With the new Keyword Assistant tool, Amazon sellers and agencies can perform a comprehensive Amazon keyword research and optimize Amazon product listings for organic and paid traffic. The Keyword Wizard tool was a missing piece in the Sellzone puzzle, and on top of that, we are developing powerful tools to further expand our toolkit for growing Amazon’s business. “

Keyword research and analysis performed in Sellzone’s keyword assistant tool (ex. Sellerly) helps sellers to:

  • Achieve higher search rankings on Amazon by presenting the most relevant high volume search terms for any Amazon product;
  • Bring new ideas on keywords for ranking on Amazon by providing broad, phrase and exact match long tail keyword list;
  • Find growth opportunities and outperform your competition with the low competition keyword list.

How the keyword wizard works:

  1. The user enters a main (starting) keyword;
  2. The tool searches for relevant variations in the Sellzone keyword database;
  3. The user gets a metric-enriched variation list and has the ability to adjust the keyword list by excluding irrelevant words in long tail or broad phrase keywords;
  4. The user exports the selected keywords to continue working on the product list.

Along with the launch of the Keyword Wizard tool, Sellzone (ex. Sellerly) presented a practical guide to Amazon keyword research and the list of the top 100 Amazon keywords.

With this new version, Sellzone (ex. Sellerly) includes the following tools:

  • Keyword Assistant – Amazon keyword research tool that allows sellers to improve visibility of Amazon listings by finding high volume search terms for which to rank.
  • Traffic Insights – Help sellers find new sources of customers by evaluating and comparing the external traffic channels of a product listed on Amazon.
  • Checking the quality of the ads – Audits the contents of the list for potential suspension threats and compliance with Amazon guidelines and provides practical advice to improve the performance of the lists.
  • List protection – Monitors sellers’ own or competing product lists and alerts users by e-mail or SMS of various changes in the product list.
  • Split test – Runs automated split testing of product pages helping determine best performing parameters for listings based on live test data.

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