Actual SEO Media, Inc. Explains How Not To Take Your Hat Off To Black Hat SEO Tactics

Using Black Hat SEO techniques will only improve results for a short time and have punitive effects if caught.

When Google flags a website, there are two consequences: a penalty or a ban.

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the essential things to watch out for is how a business website ranks on Google. The better the rating, the more it appears on search results pages. There are many ways to improve a website’s ranking, but Google’s algorithm is strict, which is why Actual SEO Media, Inc. offers general advice on how to avoid Black SEO tactics. Hat.

  • Black Hat SEO Tactics Businesses Should Avoid

“Black Hat SEO” describes the general term for practices that do not follow the guidelines of search engines. Exploiting loopholes can have long-term negative effects on a business’s website that do more than just drop it in the rankings.

Here’s what to avoid when building a website and adding content to it:

Avoid posting poorly written or poorly structured articles, blogs, or web pages. Below average writing articles who took shortcuts is obvious to readers and can make a bad first impression. No one likes to look at pages full of typos and spammy words, and potential customers are likely to leave rather than continue reading.

Difficult-to-navigate websites can turn both bots and Google readers away. Ensuring a sound website design with proper structure and interconnected pages can help improve user impressions and website time.

  • Keyword stuffing and duplicates

Avoid repeating specific words and phrases. Keyword-driven content should be natural and the keyword should be embedded where it makes sense. Google may report a website that overloads articles and other content written with the same phrases.

Make sure the website doesn’t have duplicate pages. Google may also report a website with pages having the same content. Having duplicates in multiple areas is a sign of search engine manipulation, which Google and other search engines don’t like.

Spam can harm the value of the website if there is any. If there are any “spam” comments on the website blog, they should be moderated or filtered to encourage actual readers to engage with the content.

  • How Google Penalizes Websites That Use Black Hat SEO Strategies

Awareness how to avoid black hat SEO usually results in better rankings on search engine results pages. With frequent technological advancements and algorithm updates from Google, sites using these strategies tend to be discovered sooner or later.

Once Google flags a website for using Black Hat SEO tactics, accidental or otherwise, there can be a few consequences: a ban or a penalty.

While it’s rare for a website to be completely banned and removed from search results, it is possible. On the contrary, websites are more often penalized in one way or another. Some common penalties are:

  • Lower ranking of search results
  • Little or no results
  • Reduced user confidence

To make a business appear more legitimate online, it’s best to stick to White Hat SEO strategies, which follow Google guidelines and are optimized for user experience.

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