8 best anime on Netflix in October 2021

The Way of the Househusband season 1 Photo Courtesy: Netflix

Best anime on Netflix

Happy new month! October 2021 is finally here, and with this month many new Hanime shows and movies on Netflix that you will be delighted to see appear on your TV screens.

Of course, we couldn’t mention any new titles without mentioning the best movies and animated series which are also set to debut on the streaming platform throughout the month!

With that in mind, you’re probably wondering if your favorite anime releases are coming to Netflix or not. Or maybe you just want to jump into a new series or two to catch up on all the fall 2021 anime to come. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Below, you’ll find eight of the best anime on Netflix in October 2021! Read on to get the mind blowing mind.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By The Light

Release Date: October 1

The first on the list is none other than The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By The Light, which may surprise your OG fans of the series considering that the last episode debuted earlier this year. But there’s no shock here as the series has been on everyone’s minds ever since it arrived on Netflix, hence the reason the series received one final film to say its grim goodbye to fans.

The final anime film will cover where the fifth season left off with Meliodas and his gang of misfits must end the evil that constantly plagues their world. But they will have to be stronger, faster and smarter if they are to succeed in stopping this new threat.

Learn more about the official summary via Netflix, here.

Meliodas and his friends return to action when the new era of peace is threatened by a powerful magical alliance that could spell the end for all.

You certainly won’t want to miss the shocking conclusion to one of the best next-gen shounen anime series, and luckily you won’t have to.

Scissors Seven: Season 3

Release Date: October 3

Although Scissors Seven is a hidden gem, the love for this show just can’t be hidden as its fans constantly praise the show for its incredible. From its unique animation and fiery storyline to hilarious comedic moments, this show undoubtedly deserves all the success it has had so far, including its highly anticipated third season.

In this third season, our protagonist Seven will continue to fend off the many enemies sent to her, so you already know that there will be a plethora of action-packed fight scenes. But there is much more where it comes from! Take a look at the official trailer for the upcoming season below.

We have just started! Click below to check out the many other anime titles coming to Netflix in October 2021!

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